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Our Services

We are a team of experts with a 20+ years of experience in IT engineering/automation and recruitment. We emerged all that knowledge to build a smart and intelligent system which provides a smarter way of finding talent in a quicker and managed way.

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    Talent Fetch

    Our Talent Fetch resource helps you in the entirety of your needs for end to end recruitment. Be it sourcing the candidates till on boarding a candidate on the job.

    Track all the activity at one place utilizing our pipeline

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    Talent Hub

    Our Talent Hub resource helps you in the entirety of your requirements for pitching a consultant to the client. Need not to go through the hectic emails to find out about the consultants. Spare all the data at one place and track the activity on the sales process of the consultant.

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    Finance Management System (FMS)

    Our easy to use FMS tool encourages you in monitoring all the time-sheets, invoices and payments.

    Our user-friendly app integration helps you in following up with the consultants for the time-sheets, following up with the clients on the pending invoices and payments.